I know what you are thinking. Where have I been? Here’s the honest truth. I went on a vacation to Mexico for an extended weekend with my mom and came back last weekend. All week I felt like I was getting sick then last Friday came around and POW, sick. It is really fun starting a three day weekend with your heading pounding and the lack of ability to breath out of your nose. Somehow I made it through the worst and had yesterday off of work to recover, while the rest of the world was enjoying barbecues, mountain hikes, lakes and booze.

Luckily I had the sweestest Mountain Man to take care of me and endure the whining. To thank him, I baked a super simple Gluten Free Mini Chocolate Cake for after dinner last night. I love using my mini spring-form pans and this was the perfect opportunity!

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

{KateyK Photography}


Blue Apron has mouth watering recipes that everyone should try!  They are a fee-based recipe subscription service that supplies their customers with recipes and the actual ingredients to their door step. I haven’t subscribed to their service, but have been trying out their recipes!

Last week I cooked Blue Apron’s Parmesan-Basil Chicken Patties with Braised Roman Beans and Barley for my Mountain Man and I. Although I couldn’t find Roman beans, organic green beans worked just fine. This dish was delicious and well received!

chicken patties

{KateyK Photography}

Oh, what a healthy salad. The greenest of greens! I stumbled on Blue Apron the other day and their recipes are mouth watering. I choose two recipes this week to make, the first being a lunch salad for me because boys hate salads.

The Three Pea Farro Salad was easy to get together and even better to nom away on! If you are struggling to find pea shoots and English Peas, check out Trader Joe’s.

three pea farro salad{KateyK Photography}


Nothing like a simple chocolate and fudgey cookie to get one going for a Monday. It has been quite a while since I baked, summer has been full of fun weekend activities, so I was happy to get back in the kitchen this weekend to make these Chocolate Fudge Cookies. The recipe was a breeze and I had fresh gooey cookies in 30 minutes!

Chocolate Fudge Cookies

{KateyK Photography}

Our vacation in July to Michigan was a great time to explore the Great Lakes. We spent five days bopping around from island to ferry to cities, with many adventures in between.

The last evening before we left, we went on a private sunset sail that was everything I have dreamed sailing would be. I’m a lucky girl to have my fun Mountain Man to adventure with!

{KateyK  8mm video app | Music credit: Baffin Island – You Make Two Weeks Two Days}

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