Here are some facts for your Monday:

- Any blogger feels bad when they don’t post very often and that is definitely me these days. With about one post a week, you might be wondering what I am up to. Refer to next fact. 

- Stay tuned to Spring 2015 and you will find out! I’m excited, you’re curious and there is a lot going on behind the scenes.

- Over the snowy weekend I cooked this Roasted Chickpea, Carrot and Feta dish. It’s healthy, flavorful and feta is always a plus in my book. I used up my remaining farro, but mostly used barley for my base grain.

Hang in there until Christmas and some relaxation. We are only 10 days out!

Roasted Carrots

Who doesn’t love winter soups? This hearty Ribollita Soup was quite delicious. Full of vegetables and crispy pancetta, it was a crowd pleaser. Well, if a crowd is me and my Mountain Man, it was 5 stars all around! The one downside is that I used dried beans which took forever to prepare and cook. If you are looking for a quick soup, I would substitute for rinsed canned beans. After gorging yourself during Thanksgiving, this soup will make you feel healthy and full!


{KateyK Photography}

This post is just in time for the holidays, or the gluttonous time we eat too many sweats, mashed potatoes and pies. Hey, I am not complaining. Eating healthy is for lunch, right?

I woke up extra early on Sunday and felt the itch to bake. So by 8:15AM there was batter in the oven. I choose a Bourbon Oatmeal Brown Butter Creme Pie recipe that did not disappoint. And the browned butter filling is amazing. My leftover frosting went in the freezer for a treat down the road. Gluttony never ends.

oatmeal creme pies{KateyK Photography}


Please don’t judge. It has been over a year, A YEAR, since I blogged a fashion post and there are a few good reasons. Biggest reason #1. This year has been a year of saving and that means not a lot of clothes shopping. Yet, a pretty cool guy heard me complaining about sans-shopping and treated me to a little Anthropologie gift card. I babied my gift card for the perfect sale options. Thus, this new knit pleat dress over the weekend. It’s comfy, cute and versatile!


{KateyK Photography}

Halloween is over and, poof! The retail world is already on holiday steroids. What better way to celebrate than to pick up fresh cranberries and bake a Pumpkin Cranberry Coffee Cake?

I’ll be cozy-ing up to a mug of coffee and this coffee cake in the mornings this week. Especially Wednesday when the high will be 19°F. Hello winter, goodbye fall.

pumpkin cranberry coffee cake

{KateyK Photography}


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