Oh, what a healthy salad. The greenest of greens! I stumbled on Blue Apron the other day and their recipes are mouth watering. I choose two recipes this week to make, the first being a lunch salad for me because boys hate salads.

The Three Pea Farro Salad was easy to get together and even better to nom away on! If you are struggling to find pea shoots and English Peas, check out Trader Joe’s.

three pea farro salad{KateyK Photography}


Nothing like a simple chocolate and fudgey cookie to get one going for a Monday. It has been quite a while since I baked, summer has been full of fun weekend activities, so I was happy to get back in the kitchen this weekend to make these Chocolate Fudge Cookies. The recipe was a breeze and I had fresh gooey cookies in 30 minutes!

Chocolate Fudge Cookies

{KateyK Photography}

Our vacation in July to Michigan was a great time to explore the Great Lakes. We spent five days bopping around from island to ferry to cities, with many adventures in between.

The last evening before we left, we went on a private sunset sail that was everything I have dreamed sailing would be. I’m a lucky girl to have my fun Mountain Man to adventure with!

{KateyK  8mm video app | Music credit: Baffin Island – You Make Two Weeks Two Days}

Yum! A dinner that both my Mountain Man and I could eat. He gobbled up the Chicken Katsu Curry that I cooked last week, which always makes one feel good. I had one ingredient problem with the curry, but it ended up tasting great regardless. Try this one tonight, the panko fried chicken is great comfort food.

chicken katsu curry

{KateyK Photography}

When Mr. Mountain Man and I started cohabiting together, we had to mesh our styles into one. He had this large mirror that I knew had potential. . . with a new coat of paint. I gathered up the materials needed for the mirror’s transformation.

- 220 grit sand paper sponge

- indoor/outdoor spray paint

- blue painters tape

- painters plastic

This project was very easy since I didn’t need to take the mirror apart! I sanded the mirror’s frame until it looked scuffed up enough then used the blue tape to protect the interior edges of the mirror. Once that was done, I cut a piece of plastic and taped it over the rest of the mirror to keep it safe. After three light coats of spray paint, voila! A mirrors new life!

Oh, and don’t mind the labradoodle photo bomb in the after photo. She was just so curious!

mirror paint{KateyK Photography}


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