Lately my motto has been go-go-go in life/work/play. It is catching up with me and I am going to admit that I am tired. Yet, there is still a lot to do over the next two weeks with moving into our new row home. There are also factors I always forget about like packing away a kitchen makes it hard to be ‘Bakey Katey’ and moving into a new place requires setting up internet.

All of that being said, it is time for a 2 week break from The Railways. I wish I was taking this break to travel, take it easy, see new sights and enjoy relaxing activities, but really it is a stay-busy-cation. Be back May 5 with lots of new goodies to share!

taking it easy


Panna Cotta. It’s a doozy to achieve the correct texture. I almost perfected this element in this weekend’s dessert adventure, Coconut Panna Cotta with Grapefruit Gelee. A simple recipe that only requires time for your panna cotta and gelee to set in the fridge. I worked on the recipe throughout the day on Sunday and it turned out divine. Divine as in, I gobbled up one serving in less than 3 minutes regardless of my almost perfect texture.

Best part? This dessert is gorgeous!

Coconut Panna Cotta

{KateyK Photography}

I will not lie. This Sesame Garlic Chicken is probably the best chicken dish I have made so far. The chicken was moist and tender and full of flavor. An easy recipe that I am going to put in my arsenal for dinners!

Sesame Chicken

{KateyK Photography}

this and that

I’m in a materialist mood and need . . .

This Danita Sheath Dress from Anthropologie.

This living room featured by SF Girl By Bay.

The Sunny Life Beach Radio from Anthropologie. (someone by me this as a house warming gift immediately. I am drooling here.)

This haircut.

needing these{images linked above}


Happy Wednesday! The past few weeks have been extremely busy for me, being out of town on the weekends and getting ready to move out of my apartment and into a row home with my Mountain Man! Once we get all settled, I’ll share photos of our new space.

Last night in between moving a car load of belongings and laundry, I was able to make Tahini Soba Noodles for dinner. I bought Sesame Oil from Trader Joe’s and knew the dish needed a kick since the recipe called for Chile Sesame Oil. I threw in some chili powder and extra fresh ginger, sat back and enjoyed!

Want to know a fun trick? Tahini is easy to make – toast sesame seeds, throw them in a food processor and add in a little bit of olive oil until you have a nut butter consistency. I don’t use tahini that often and this way I can make just enough for the recipe!

Tahini Soba Noodles

{KateyK Photography}

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