I am not in the kitchen cooking or baking because of one reason – our natural gas has been turned off. A few leaks were found around appliances and then poof! the natural gas company turns a switch and we are left without a useful stove or hot water. It’s all about the microwave <insert cringe> and the coldest showers <another bigger cringe> these days. But hey, we are safe and sound and that’s important!




Nothing says summer like cutting up a huge watermelon! I put together a watermelon feta salad for dinner the other night and it was perfect for the hot evening. I even kept a slice for the ever-so-cute labradoodle in our house, Marabou, thinking she would love it as a treat and she could have cared less! Hmph!

watermelon feta salad{KateyK Photography}


I am always on the search for unique things to do and see when traveling. While we were in Michigan, I read about a permanent home for food trucks called The Little Fleet. About 8 food trucks are parked in a lot adjacent to an outdoor patio and bar. Order your food, grab a seat and have a cool cocktail or brew!

I had a delicious grilled cheese from EZ Cheesy, the Sweet Caroline with shaved carrots, ricotta, honey, walnuts, on ciabatta bread. Paired with a delightful cocktail from the bar, this was one of my favorite meals in Michigan!

Little Fleet Traverse City

{KateyK Photography}

This Baked Pasta with fresh mozzarella and basil is the wonderfully light pasta dish. Well if you can count carbs as light. I like to have one pasta dish a week. It’s a pat on the back, well done Katey here are your carbs for celebration!

I added goat cheese to this dish since I had some to use up before vacation. It was a great addition and gave portions of the pasta a creamier bite! Fresh basil from my ‘garden’, aka one window box overlooking a cement parking lot, might have been my favorite part.

Now it’s your time to celebrate!

baked basil pasta

{KateyK Photography}


My apologies for an extended absence from The Railways! I had a real ‘big kid’ moment in life last week, returning from vacation to an overwhelming amount of work. The only thing to do? Focus and power through to the weekend. That being said, I am starting this week renewed with a lot of content to share.

Let’s start with my favorite part about Michigan, sailing. I spent one college summer in Chicago walking Lake Shore Drive, dreaming of sailing. The white sails dotting the horizon reeled me in. No pun intended! It wasn’t until our trip to Michigan that I finally fulfilled my dreams of sailing.

While we stayed in Traverse City, my Mountain Man’s birthday gift to me was a sunset sail. The evening of our sail it started raining. I almost lost my marbles. After 5 years of wishing to feel the wind on my face and water under my feet, were the weather gods really not going to grant me this one wish?  It wasn’t until 15 minutes to launch that the sun came out, wind came up and we had the perfect romantic sail.

Really, it was perfect. I pulled up the main sail, sipped on wine and watched the sunset with my favorite person. A beautiful evening celebrating another year older!


{KateyK Photgraphy}

We sailed with Two Brothers Sailing Adventures and it was a fabulous experience!

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