I found this uniquely shaped mirror when I was antiquing the other day. For $25 I couldn’t it. Even though I did like the gold finish, it was beat up, nicked and dirty. What to do? Spray paint it! A few coats of paint later this mirror has a new life. It will be used in another row home project which I hope to finish up soon, so stay tuned!

october mirror

{KateyK Photography}

Nothing like a meal both me and my Mountain Man enjoyed! I picked a healthy stir fry, Chicken Peanut Soba Noodles, last week for a dinner and it was gobbled down. Success. Now. . . if I can just sneak more quinoa in our meals . . . will he notice?

chicken peanut soba noodles

{KateyK Photography}

Guess what? I have never cooked okra. Which means this Lentil Okra Curry recipe looked extra fun to give a try. Not only was it extra fun by learning how to cook okra, it was incredibly delicious. Full of lentils, tomatoes, curry and other spices, I will be making this again and soon!

lentil okra curry{KateyK Photography}


fall must haves

1. This Pink Druzi Wool blanket is fantastic and needs to be on my couch.

2. I secretly hope that all my vintage furniture styled looks like this vanity.

3. If someone doesn’t by me this leather handhold duffel bag for Christmas, I’ll cry.

4. Come Friday, I’ll be drinking an Apple Cider Moscow Mule. Facts.


{images: blanket, vanity, bag, mule}

It makes sense to start baking with pumpkin, I mean . . . it is October. What better way to jump in than this simple Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Cookie recipe? I had most all ingredients on hand and just needed a can of organic pumpkin puree. 23 minutes later, I was nomming on my fresh pumpkin snickerdoodle cookies while the local squirrels were nomming on my porch pumpkins. At least my cookies tasted better.

pumpkin snickerdoodles

{KateyK Photography}

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