A healthy dinner! Marinated lemon chicken with thyme, grilled over a bed of farro. Add on the side fresh broccolini oven roasted with sea salt and fresh black pepper, and you got a whole lot of yum going on here!

lemon farro chicken

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I can’t believe a year has past since I started taking my pseudo-niece Ruby June’s monthly photos. It has been amazing to watch her BIG personality grow and see her learn new things. We started our photo session with a fancy purple taffeta dress that shows little Miss Ruby’s maturity. Or does standing on a rocking chair while making a face spell out O-N-E-Y-E-A-R-O-L-D or TROUBLE?

Afterwards, we had a great time dressing her up for fun birthday photos in the most ruffley of ruffle rompers, say that 3 times fast, with an oversized necklace and flapper headpiece. How you are not dying right now? Okay you are… don’t lie!

This little lady has been a gem to watch grow up over the past year and I can’t wait for what’s next! See the entire year of photos below, it’s pretty neat.

Ruby Month 12

{KateyK Photography}

Ruby Birthday{KateyK Photography}

6 month overview |the railways7-12 month overview |the railways{KateyK Photography}

It isn’t a birthday without home made Funfetti Cake for my Mountain Man! I threw him a surprise party last week, which meant that I couldn’t ignore his actually birthday day. I whipped up a mini Funfetti Cake for our dinner celebration and for his actual surprise party, a large round funfetti cake! The two best parts? My adorably cute cake tin from my mom and the fact that Mr. Mountain Man was completely surprised at his party!

Bakers Note: Always use wax paper on the bottom of your round pan with greased butter and flour. Otherwise, you will be crying in your kitchen a day before the surprise party. Yeah, that was me. I made four funfetti cakes last week. Oh dear!

funfetti cake

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It was my Mountain Man’s birthday last week and I put together an Urban Adventure Pack as his gift. My idea started with traveling to a new city, exploring and enjoying the moments between sightseeing or adventuring. This locally made Rover Pack from Topo Designs holds all handy things that any guy would like!

If you need  fun and games, you’ll find the pack holds a frisbee from Oyo Mountain Products, Angry Birds Star Wars playing cards and Jetfire wooden airplanes. Feeling parched? Two collapsible camping cups are included for that bottle of bubbly that you stumble upon, along with whiskey and vodka for your mixology skills. If you want to make it a party, use your iPhone and new mini speaker to blast your favorite tunes.

What if you want to sketch the skyline? Pens, pencils and a sketchbook are included for creative moments. Also, a disposable black and white film camera will document all the special moments of your urban adventure and will last longer than an Instagram photo.

When I gave my Mountain Man his Adventure Pack, he had the greatest time opening up pockets to find all the contents. The gift was perfect and now we just need to go on an adventure! Oh, and don’t mind my cute dog in the photo. She wouldn’t budge for the photo. 

Urban Adventure pack

{KateyK Photography}

A simple salad I put together last night for my Mountain Man’s birthday! Baby arugula topped with fresh pears, a granny smith apple, pistachios and grape tomatoes all tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette! A great salad for the spring time.

summer salad

{KateyK Photography}

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