Oh… this Sweet Potato Noodle with Goat Cheese and Figs dish was delicious! It was a bit of a lengthy process to julienne my sweet potatoes since I don’t have a fancy tool, but once I got into the groove things went smoothly. My figs were perfectly ripe and caramelized with my organic colorado honey perfectly. Add in the goat cheese in the end and dish will bring you to your knees for more!

Sweet potato noodles{KateyK Photography}


There are days when I follow recipes (95% of the time) and then there are days where I invent a dish. Usually inventing a dish comes out of desperation that I have no groceries but must eat. This was the case last night.

I threw together a pasta dish that turned surprisingly tastey. No lies here, if it turned out horrible, I would have thrown it in the trash and felt shamed that yet another dinner went wrong. I am not bringing up last week’s Indian disappointment because you didn’t know about it and there isn’t any more to say. 

Recently I ran out of olive oil, so my best alternative to cook my onions, red pepper, garlic and tomatoes was coconut oil. These ingredients were leftovers on their last leg in my kitchen, yet they worked great together. Add in pasta and a bit of parmesan and fresh urban basil at the end, and you have a lovely dinner!


8 oz Farfalle Pasta
2 tbsp coconut oil
1/4 red onion
2 garlic cloves, pressed
1/2 red pepper, chopped
2 handfuls of yellow and red cherry tomatoes, halved
1 small handful fresh basil, chopped
1/4 cup parmesan


Cook pasta accordingly while you make the rest of the dish. Heat coconut oil on medium heat. Add red onion and garlic and sauté for 4-5 minutes. Once cooked, add red pepper and lower heat to medium-low. Slowly cook for 5-7 minutes and then add tomatoes. Simmer on low until tomatoes soften and wrinkle. Add the basil in at the every end. Once the pasta is cooked through, toss with coconut tomato mixture. Mix in parmesan and serve warm!

Thanks Cookey Katey. Your welcome bloggers!

coconut basil tomato pasta{KateyK Photography}

Let’s be honest. I have never refinished a piece of furniture and then I acquired an antique desk that needed some love. And I thought, hey! I can refinish this desk and bring it back to life. Yay me Craftey Katey!

That was a year ago.

Since we moved into our new row home this spring, my craft room has been housing this desk and the task of refinishing it loomed over me all summer. I decided to start the project in August and as you can tell, it was a lengthy process. I started by stripping the top of the desk’s paint, sanding, staining and then painting the rest of the body. That sounds easy peasy. Ha.

Nice Craftey girl me wants to share some tips in the category of refinishing furniture, so please read and learn from my mistakes!

1. NEVER buy the $3.00 paint brush, always opt for the $10.00 one. Really. Your cheap paint brush won’t clean well and then cause you headaches down the road (goobers in poly finish) after you feel you can’t handle one more set back.

2. Also, NEVER listen to the Home Depot paint guys. See #3.

3. Minwax Polyshades 2-in-1 Stain and Poly is the DEVIL. Worst suggestion ever from the Home Depot guys. Don’t skip steps! Buy your stain, be patient while it dries and then follow up with the polyurethane finish. Minwax Polyshade doesn’t actually stain the wood and is a streaky mess. Check out the photos below.

4. Don’t use your $3.00 paintbrush to apply your poly finish. See #1 headache.  Just buy a $.75 foam brush for the poly. Seriously.

5. When applying stain, don’t wipe off the excess. It causes streaks. Just rub the stain in real good and go with the grain of the wood. Circles aren’t a good idea even though This Old House suggests you can apply stain haphazardly. And I trusted the old guys. Puh.

6. When painting the rest the desk, sand it down and then paint a layer of primer even though BEHR has a 2-in-1 Paint and Primer. I didn’t let the Home Depot guys get me on this one. See, I was learning here. 

7. Lastly, when the desk is finished and you pull off your blue painter’s tape from the beautifully stained desktop, don’t freak out when some of your poly pulls off the top. That really did happen. Just give the top a light sand with 220 grit sand paper and apply one more layer of poly to hide the flaws. And remember #4.

Regardless of all the setbacks and the fact that I had to redo the top of the desk about six times, I am extremely happy with outcome! Miss UnPatient me finally learned to take a chill pill and even though it took over a month to complete this project, better that the desk be perfect then be annoyed with the flaws for years to come.

desk refinish{KateyK Photography}

desk refinish stain

I remember when Denver’s Union Station was drab, run down and just a hub to hop on Amtrak or the ski train. Since I moved to Denver four years ago, Union Station has been closed for renovation. Recently I took my lunch hour to go explore the newly opened space which is beautiful, inspiring and takes you back in time. I’ll be exploring more of Union Station next week, so stayed tuned with this sneak peek!

denver union station{KateyK Photography}


Here we are again farro. You ancient grain you. I am addicted. 

This week’s lunch is a fall inspired dish, Farro Roasted Vegetables with Carrot Top Pesto. There isn’t a large selection of squash available yet, so I used acorn squash instead of a delicata. The substitution tasted just fine and I used fresh basil from my urban garden for the carrot top pesto. One note, don’t use 1.5  teaspoon of salt for the pesto. It was way to salty. I made a new batch of pesto and only used .5 teaspoon and that seemed to be a better fit.


farro roasted veggie bowl

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