Please don’t judge. It has been over a year, A YEAR, since I blogged a fashion post and there are a few good reasons. Biggest reason #1. This year has been a year of saving and that means not a lot of clothes shopping. Yet, a pretty cool guy heard me complaining about sans-shopping and treated me to a little Anthropologie gift card. I babied my gift card for the perfect sale options. Thus, this new knit pleat dress over the weekend. It’s comfy, cute and versatile!


{KateyK Photography}

Halloween is over and, poof! The retail world is already on holiday steroids. What better way to celebrate than to pick up fresh cranberries and bake a Pumpkin Cranberry Coffee Cake?

I’ll be cozy-ing up to a mug of coffee and this coffee cake in the mornings this week. Especially Wednesday when the high will be 19°F. Hello winter, goodbye fall.

pumpkin cranberry coffee cake

{KateyK Photography}


Last weekend my Mountain Man and I celebrated dating 3 years! It’s crazy how fast time goes. We spent the day relaxing at the hot springs and finished our evening with a delicious dinner at Fruition, a local restaurant I have been wanting to go to for ages.

Instead of buying a gift for my guy, I spent the week sewing and tailored a button down shirt for him! I used a Walden pattern (check them out – you’ll be inspired to sew) and found a wool blend fabric to use for the main shirt fabric. A couple special details make the shirt unique, like a personalized ‘Made by Katey with Love’ tag and a contrasting fabric for the interior yoke. He was thrilled and was nice enough to let me snap a few photos during the Broncos game on Sunday, thus the Broncos hat. Boys will be boys.


{KateyK Photography}

Must anything more be said about how delicious, healthy and filling this Veggie Bun Cha with Seared Tofu was? No. So just do yourself a favor and get the ingredients now.

Love Katey on Election Tuesday. Oh, and it’s colorful too which equals extra deliciousness points.

veggie bun cha{KateyK Photography}


I found this uniquely shaped mirror when I was antiquing the other day. For $25 I couldn’t it. Even though I did like the gold finish, it was beat up, nicked and dirty. What to do? Spray paint it! A few coats of paint later this mirror has a new life. It will be used in another row home project which I hope to finish up soon, so stay tuned!

october mirror

{KateyK Photography}

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