With the weather getting cold, I am excited to get back onto the soup train! Late last week I cooked a Spicy Thai Curry Noodle Soup and made a few modifications. Instead of red curry paste, I used green because that is what I had available. I felt like the soup was missing some kick so I added chili paste which brought the spicy factor up. Since I am used to eating Pho, the coconut milk and chicken broth base was different, yet still tasty!


{KateyK Photography}

This week’s lunch is a Roasted Mediterranean Salad that has the perfect kick of spicy and sweet. This salad is filled with roasted eggplant, zucchini, red pepper and red onion and tossed in a balsamic lemon dressing. Topped with sun dried tomatoes, capers and roasted pine nuts, you’ll be wishing you had my lunch today. Wish on. 

roasted mediterranean salad

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oh aspens

Nothing beats the mountains in the fall with the Aspen trees waving their golden yellow discs. Reasons why I love living in Colorado!
fall colors

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Denver always has an ever-growing culinary scene and the other weekend my Mountain Man and I zoomed over to the South Park Hill Neighborhood for a quick lunch and dessert. We ate lunch at Chop Shop a new casual urban eatery on Colfax. I had their Super Chop salad, full of baby kale, mixed greens, quinoa, adzuki beans, egg and avocado tossed in a champagne vinaigrette dressing while my guy tried their burger. We both enjoyed a cold beer with our lunch and were very happy how tasty everything was. Afterwards, we crossed the street to Nuggs Ice Cream for a sweet treat and their mint chocolate chip ice-cream was delicious! It was a great change of pace to explore a different neighborhood while enjoying some great grub. Check them out!

Chop Shop - Nuggs

{KateyK Photography}

Oh… this Sweet Potato Noodle with Goat Cheese and Figs dish was delicious! It was a bit of a lengthy process to julienne my sweet potatoes since I don’t have a fancy tool, but once I got into the groove things went smoothly. My figs were perfectly ripe and caramelized with my organic colorado honey perfectly. Add in the goat cheese in the end and dish will bring you to your knees for more!

Sweet potato noodles{KateyK Photography}


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