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This post feels sentimental for many reasons. I haven’t posted in a LONG time because my free time is pretty much non-existent between my part time job, launching my fashion collection, the Violet Hour, and planning my wedding! Also, this blog turns 5 years old in a few months which is wild and even though my days posting are coming to a close, all the food, travel and fashion posts really did enrich my life over that time!

Here is the exciting news. The Violet Hour Fashion collection has launched!  I decided to use my fashion background to create a sleepwear line that embodies clean and classic silhouettes. Current market offerings are easily defined into pajamas, lingerie or activewear, yet the Violet Hour is more. It is the end to a busy day, when the sun sets and lights up the sky in purples, blues and violets. As night begins, every woman will choose their attire for maximum comfort. Instead of kitschy pajamas and sexy lingerie, the Violet Hour is comfortable and classic sleepwear that enables all women to feel beautiful in their own element.

Currently, my biggest push for the collection is additional funding to bring the designs to market quicker and to do that, I launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $27,628.00! There has been a ton of positivity around this collection and I am excited that so far my community has pledged $3,209 towards my goal. That is big love and support and I am so grateful! With Kickstarter if I don’t reach my goal 100%, I don’t get any of the funds that were pledged. It’s all or nothing and there are 20 more days to raise the additional funds needed. So do you see why every single one of you is important!? If all you can give is $5.00 – that means I am that much closer and it definitely helps.

With your support, I can reach my goal so please visit my Kickstarter to pledge and my website to learn more about my collection! The WordPress community has been an amazing place over the years to share my creativity and I hope you can support this entrepreneurial endeavor of mine!






{all images copyright of Violet Hour Fashion}

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Ever since we moved into our row home, our bedroom was my last focus for arranging and making homey. It took me a while to acquire all the knick knacks that I had in mind for the wall behind our bed and everything came together before the holidays.

To start, I had the ‘branch light’ idea in my arsenal for a while now but had to get my mountain man on board. Surprisingly he loved the idea! I had to wait on him to find the perfect branch, my choice was too dainty. Boys. Once the branch was settled we ordered a corded light from a very affordable Etsy shop – Junkyard Lighting and then attached everything to the wall. Or he did. * I forgot to take a before picture until after the light was up, pretend you don’t see it!

Finishing up the wall space, I used an array of items found from vintage shopping with meaningful tid-bits thrown in. Who can resist a tiny felted wool owl or an embroidery of the Orion’s Belt? Now with our bedroom complete, it crosses off the last big ‘to-do’ of the row home. Time to relax and enjoy!

bedroom gallery

{KateyK Photography}

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I found this uniquely shaped mirror when I was antiquing the other day. For $25 I couldn’t it. Even though I did like the gold finish, it was beat up, nicked and dirty. What to do? Spray paint it! A few coats of paint later this mirror has a new life. It will be used in another row home project which I hope to finish up soon, so stay tuned!

october mirror

{KateyK Photography}

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Hooray that this photo booth strip wall art project is complete! It has been on my row home to-do list since we moved in last spring. My Mountain Man and I have a surprising amount of photo booth strips with friends on fun occasions and the fridge is just not the perfect place to display them.

I found antique hardware to secure the string to the wall and mini metal clips to hang the photo strips with.  Now our living room is complete with our uniquely ‘us’ wall art!

photo booth wall{KateyK Photography}


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Let’s be honest. I have never refinished a piece of furniture and then I acquired an antique desk that needed some love. And I thought, hey! I can refinish this desk and bring it back to life. Yay me Craftey Katey!

That was a year ago.

Since we moved into our new row home this spring, my craft room has been housing this desk and the task of refinishing it loomed over me all summer. I decided to start the project in August and as you can tell, it was a lengthy process. I started by stripping the top of the desk’s paint, sanding, staining and then painting the rest of the body. That sounds easy peasy. Ha.

Nice Craftey girl me wants to share some tips in the category of refinishing furniture, so please read and learn from my mistakes!

1. NEVER buy the $3.00 paint brush, always opt for the $10.00 one. Really. Your cheap paint brush won’t clean well and then cause you headaches down the road (goobers in poly finish) after you feel you can’t handle one more set back.

2. Also, NEVER listen to the Home Depot paint guys. See #3.

3. Minwax Polyshades 2-in-1 Stain and Poly is the DEVIL. Worst suggestion ever from the Home Depot guys. Don’t skip steps! Buy your stain, be patient while it dries and then follow up with the polyurethane finish. Minwax Polyshade doesn’t actually stain the wood and is a streaky mess. Check out the photos below.

4. Don’t use your $3.00 paintbrush to apply your poly finish. See #1 headache.  Just buy a $.75 foam brush for the poly. Seriously.

5. When applying stain, don’t wipe off the excess. It causes streaks. Just rub the stain in real good and go with the grain of the wood. Circles aren’t a good idea even though This Old House suggests you can apply stain haphazardly. And I trusted the old guys. Puh.

6. When painting the rest the desk, sand it down and then paint a layer of primer even though BEHR has a 2-in-1 Paint and Primer. I didn’t let the Home Depot guys get me on this one. See, I was learning here. 

7. Lastly, when the desk is finished and you pull off your blue painter’s tape from the beautifully stained desktop, don’t freak out when some of your poly pulls off the top. That really did happen. Just give the top a light sand with 220 grit sand paper and apply one more layer of poly to hide the flaws. And remember #4.

Regardless of all the setbacks and the fact that I had to redo the top of the desk about six times, I am extremely happy with outcome! Miss UnPatient me finally learned to take a chill pill and even though it took over a month to complete this project, better that the desk be perfect then be annoyed with the flaws for years to come.

desk refinish{KateyK Photography}

desk refinish stain

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