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Very excited to share the news that this spring/summer I will be launching my own women’s fashion line! And now you know the reason for my absence from the Railways. All of my free time outside of my 9-5 has gone to this new venture, which has taken a toll on my content here. Recently I made a big change and will be working part time, that way I will have a lot more time to design and finish the launch of my apparel company. It’s scary to dive in to this idea and plan a wedding at the same time, yet here I go! I hope you follow along on the Railways the development of this line and when it launches, you will be the first to know. Sneak peek below!

new venture{KateyK Photography}


{she is} engaged!

This is a really exciting blog post so I will get to the point. My Mountain Man proposed! He set up the sweetest evening for us a few weeks back and I couldn’t have asked for more. We had had a delicious dinner at the Squeaky Bean, a farm to table restaurant in downtown Denver, and afterwards he surprised me by stopping by Union Station. We had drinks at the Cooper Lounge and my best friend and photographer Colleen, popped in while Mountain Man popped the question! I am a lucky lady to have amazing photos to keep the memories alive. To end the evening we stayed at the Crawford Hotel in Union Station, stocked with champagne and roses. Swoon. I mean. If anyone knows me, this was my favorite night ever.

Thanks to my guy for the evening, I can’t wait to marry my best friend!


{Colleen O’Brien Photography}

I feel like this blog post is an awkward lunch between two people who haven’t seen each other in a while. But this girl is busy! I am teaching a toddler and 4-8 year old ballet class on the weekends that is eating up my Bakey Katey time. Add in a few other projects that are taking up my evenings and my gourmet cooking is turning into pp&j’s. Don’t judge.

I did manage to make one healthy recipe lately. Blue Apron has some deliciously unique recipes and I love trying out new dishes. I picked their Thai Curry Chicken Meatball recipe that included rice noodles, baby bok choy, lemongrass and chicken meatballs in a red coconut curry. Yum!

thai curry{KateyK Photography}

The first full week at work after the holidays was a jammed packed one. Filled with a last minute work trip that included only 4 hours of sleep in 48 hours, 16 miles of walking, a mid-flight turnaround back to Las Vegas, and my first and last 4.5 hours on the Las Vegas strip, I have been recovering ever since. (zicam is my best buddy) On top of that, last weekend one of my great friends came to visit from Brooklyn, so I spent the week getting ready for her and planning all the great Denver places to show her. Needless to say, this girl is busy and tired.

Not to busy to eat though. Come on. Last week, I whipped up a healthy Peruvian Royal Quinoa Salad to make up for undeniably tastey and unhealthey traveling diet. Quinoa, carrots, peas, corn, red peppers, tomatoes and chopped queso fresco on top of a bed of romaine was the ticket to feeling great about my lunch. My coworker peered over my desk to say, oh yummy! And they were right.

Peruvian Salad

{KateyK Photography}

Ever since we moved into our row home, our bedroom was my last focus for arranging and making homey. It took me a while to acquire all the knick knacks that I had in mind for the wall behind our bed and everything came together before the holidays.

To start, I had the ‘branch light’ idea in my arsenal for a while now but had to get my mountain man on board. Surprisingly he loved the idea! I had to wait on him to find the perfect branch, my choice was too dainty. Boys. Once the branch was settled we ordered a corded light from a very affordable Etsy shop – Junkyard Lighting and then attached everything to the wall. Or he did. * I forgot to take a before picture until after the light was up, pretend you don’t see it!

Finishing up the wall space, I used an array of items found from vintage shopping with meaningful tid-bits thrown in. Who can resist a tiny felted wool owl or an embroidery of the Orion’s Belt? Now with our bedroom complete, it crosses off the last big ‘to-do’ of the row home. Time to relax and enjoy!

bedroom gallery

{KateyK Photography}

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