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Hold me back from the brussels sprouts! These sneaky little vegetables keep finding themselves in my meals, and who am I to say no?

For a quick dinner I prepared easy Brussels Sprouts Pita Pizzas with Bacon. The bacon was optional, but that just says to me – mandatory bacon consumption. Fresh mozzarella, sweet onions and brussels sprouts tossed in a garlic olive oil make this ‘za delightful. Magnifico!

Brussels Sprouts Pizza

{KateyK Photography}

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I took a healthier route on the Cheesy Brussels Sprouts and Cabbage Pasta I made this week. Instead of using heavy cream and pork bacon, I used coconut cream and turkey bacon.

Really though, any dinner that is sprinkled with bacon is an A+ in my book and should be in yours too.

Brussels sprouts cabbage pasta

{KateyK Photography}

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Here is some truth for your Thursday, cooking risotto is time intensive. Add a 1/2 cup broth and cook down, repeat. Repeat, repeat. I chose a Risotto with Prosciutto Parmesan and Brussels Sprouts to cook over the weekend and thankfully had a free schedule to babysit the sauce pan. The ending result had a kick of spice with the creamy risotto base and prosciutto accents.

My next risotto adventure will include a glass of wine, kitchen dancing and spatula singing to pass the time. That is the ending truth to this Thursday!

Prosciutto Risotto-2{KateyK Photography}

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Over the weekend I whipped up a Maple Shallot Brussels Sprout Salad and we can all agree that it was divine. You are agreeing by drooling over the photos only. I actually got to eat the salad. Lucky me.

I opted to not add cranberries and the salad was just fine with the slivered almonds, rosemary and brussels sprouts!

Brussels Sprout Salad{KateyK Photography}

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If you know me well, you know my love for mac n cheese! Last week, I decided to stray from my usual Annie’s organic mac n cheese selection and make my own. Gasp. From scratch. Gasp.

I found a recipe here for a big kid mac n cheese with added healthiness, brussels sprouts! Cooking this dish was more than easy and my dinner was very rewarding. Healthy factor of the mac n cheese? Probably not the best, but when you eat a brussels sprout in between each bite, it all evens out!

mac n cheese |the railways{KateyK Photography}


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