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I recently worked on a collaboration with a Denver fashion blogger, Lacey of My Boring Closet, to show a real life perspective of how she wears the collection. When we were chatting about the sleepwear, she told me what a fan she is of classic pajamas and how she always feels a little like Zooey Deschanel when she retires for the evening in a matching pair of sleepwear. Don’t we all!? Take a look at photos from the post below to see how Lacey enjoyed waking up in her Violet Hour Fashion!

There are 13 days left to raise $18,614 for the collection on Kickstarter. Please spread the word and share on your Intsagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts. The more traction we get to the Kickstarter page the better! Right now only 4% of the total pledges are from Kickstarter directly, otherwise it’s YOU, family and friends, and readers who are the backbone to this project and I sincerely appreciate it!

Starting a business is crazy hard and a ton of work, but I believe with your support I can make my funding goal!

Lacey My Boring ClosetLacey My Boring ClosetLacey My Boring Closet


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The print on this dress reminds me of an art nouveau print.

It’s 14 degrees outside. I took photos fast.

I then missed my head. I like it though, reminds me of my artsy critique days in photography class. You can hear them now.. ” I like how you missed capturing your full body… it leads the viewer to wonder… is she happy.. why does she care to take photos of herself, tripod shadow seen?” ha


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I did it. The belted scarf. Does it work?

I was going a completely different way this morning, when this outfit just came to me. Brilliance. Call it a happy Thursday.

+ tonight I get a martini afterwork (I love happy hour) AND you can get a manicure at the same time. Brilliance.

I figured this morning I should work on my “flirt stance” at the bar… this is what I came up with.

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I am at a loss for a name for Remix #25 this morning.  Any ideas?

Today is a  mash of brown and grey for my 30 for 30 challenge. I didn’t go comfortable. I am going to end this challenge with the last 5 remixes being spectacular.

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Realization set in once I took my photos that this is basically Remix #19, “Oh.. Home”.

Three factors that make this “Home..oh?” different..hopefully.

1. No orange shirt

2. Different shoes

3. New Jewelry (which I call it a mash-up of sorts)

A more work appropriate remix.

Thoughts kids? Can this be approved as a new remix? What happens when you have no time to figure out a new remix and must go to work?! (you call this good)

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