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This post feels sentimental for many reasons. I haven’t posted in a LONG time because my free time is pretty much non-existent between my part time job, launching my fashion collection, the Violet Hour, and planning my wedding! Also, this blog turns 5 years old in a few months which is wild and even though my days posting are coming to a close, all the food, travel and fashion posts really did enrich my life over that time!

Here is the exciting news. The Violet Hour Fashion collection has launched!  I decided to use my fashion background to create a sleepwear line that embodies clean and classic silhouettes. Current market offerings are easily defined into pajamas, lingerie or activewear, yet the Violet Hour is more. It is the end to a busy day, when the sun sets and lights up the sky in purples, blues and violets. As night begins, every woman will choose their attire for maximum comfort. Instead of kitschy pajamas and sexy lingerie, the Violet Hour is comfortable and classic sleepwear that enables all women to feel beautiful in their own element.

Currently, my biggest push for the collection is additional funding to bring the designs to market quicker and to do that, I launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $27,628.00! There has been a ton of positivity around this collection and I am excited that so far my community has pledged $3,209 towards my goal. That is big love and support and I am so grateful! With Kickstarter if I don’t reach my goal 100%, I don’t get any of the funds that were pledged. It’s all or nothing and there are 20 more days to raise the additional funds needed. So do you see why every single one of you is important!? If all you can give is $5.00 – that means I am that much closer and it definitely helps.

With your support, I can reach my goal so please visit my Kickstarter to pledge and my website to learn more about my collection! The WordPress community has been an amazing place over the years to share my creativity and I hope you can support this entrepreneurial endeavor of mine!






{all images copyright of Violet Hour Fashion}

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It was my Mountain Man’s birthday last week and I put together an Urban Adventure Pack as his gift. My idea started with traveling to a new city, exploring and enjoying the moments between sightseeing or adventuring. This locally made Rover Pack from Topo Designs holds all handy things that any guy would like!

If you need  fun and games, you’ll find the pack holds a frisbee from Oyo Mountain Products, Angry Birds Star Wars playing cards and Jetfire wooden airplanes. Feeling parched? Two collapsible camping cups are included for that bottle of bubbly that you stumble upon, along with whiskey and vodka for your mixology skills. If you want to make it a party, use your iPhone and new mini speaker to blast your favorite tunes.

What if you want to sketch the skyline? Pens, pencils and a sketchbook are included for creative moments. Also, a disposable black and white film camera will document all the special moments of your urban adventure and will last longer than an Instagram photo.

When I gave my Mountain Man his Adventure Pack, he had the greatest time opening up pockets to find all the contents. The gift was perfect and now we just need to go on an adventure! Oh, and don’t mind my cute dog in the photo. She wouldn’t budge for the photo. 

Urban Adventure pack

{KateyK Photography}

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