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Here we are again farro. You ancient grain you. I am addicted. 

This week’s lunch is a fall inspired dish, Farro Roasted Vegetables with Carrot Top Pesto. There isn’t a large selection of squash available yet, so I used acorn squash instead of a delicata. The substitution tasted just fine and I used fresh basil from my urban garden for the carrot top pesto. One note, don’t use 1.5  teaspoon of salt for the pesto. It was way to salty. I made a new batch of pesto and only used .5 teaspoon and that seemed to be a better fit.


farro roasted veggie bowl

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Hold me back from the brussels sprouts! These sneaky little vegetables keep finding themselves in my meals, and who am I to say no?

For a quick dinner I prepared easy Brussels Sprouts Pita Pizzas with Bacon. The bacon was optional, but that just says to me – mandatory bacon consumption. Fresh mozzarella, sweet onions and brussels sprouts tossed in a garlic olive oil make this ‘za delightful. Magnifico!

Brussels Sprouts Pizza

{KateyK Photography}

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Oh, Denver. It is May and the poppies are blooming and you suddenly decide to snow? I shuddered this weekend when I had to bring out my winter coat.

To ward off the cold weather, I prepared a dish from the Smitten Kitchen Blog, Farro with Tomatoes. The recipe was a breeze to cook, used only one pot and kept me happy from the slurry of cold weather outside.

Farro with tomatoes

{KateyK Photography}

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Denver is a funny place these days. One day it is sunny and 66°F and the next it is sleet/raining/snowing. Today it is snowing and the Coconut Chickpea Curry I made the other night was a fitting lunch on this cold day. Full of sweet potatoes, chickpeas, tomatoes and coconut milk all topped on a bed of jasmine rice, this meal was easy to make and full of spice.

Now all if have to do is wait for tomorrow afternoon when it is sunny and 66°F again.

Oh Denver. . . 

Coconut Chickpea Curry{KateyK Photography}

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Last week when Denver was in negative temperatures, le sigh, I made a cozy Creamy Mushroom Pasta to forget about the bitterly cold days. The recipe included red peppers, basil, baby portobello mushrooms and macaroni pasta. The recipe was very simple and I had almost all ingredients on hand. Win!

Oh, and for another win … 64 degrees on Sunday in Denverland. You’ll find me bicycling!

Creamy Mushroom Pasta{KateyK Photography}


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