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Please don’t judge. It has been over a year, A YEAR, since I blogged a fashion post and there are a few good reasons. Biggest reason #1. This year has been a year of saving and that means not a lot of clothes shopping. Yet, a pretty cool guy heard me complaining about sans-shopping and treated me to a little Anthropologie gift card. I babied my gift card for the perfect sale options. Thus, this new knit pleat dress over the weekend. It’s comfy, cute and versatile!


{KateyK Photography}

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In normal blogger fashion I am going to reflect on 2013. When I started looking at my year end stats and going through computer files, I realized this: It felt like reading a virtual diary or scrolling infinitely through tagged Facebook photos (we all do it- hush!). Yet, there was so much more to my year than what you saw on The Railways. I had days where I struggled to find my sparkle, moments of frustration in the kitchen, and times where the ‘big kid’ world just seemed overwhelming. Guess what? I made it through those days and learned many lessons on the way.

In 2014, I am going to push my creativity into a new avenue. I am not sure what that will be, but I have to remember to be patient. A favorite quote of mine is, ‘Big things often have small beginnings’. I have no doubt that 2014 will be a small beginning of something new!

Well there you have it. Now, on to the fun content! Below you are going to find my favorite Bakey Katey & In the Kitchen posts, followed by She Wears and ending with Miss Ruby June. Ruby was such a big part of my year and I am excited that I get to be her pseudo Aunt!

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Oh my gosh, this photo shoot was so much fun! Instead of setting up my tripod and camera timer as I usually do, my lovely and talented friend, Colleen, was the photographer behind the lens <enter me being jealous of her rad skills here>.

Over this summer Colleen joined me for a few Bakey Katey & Co. posts and we had a delightful time. Continuing our adventures, we got together last week in the sunflowers and cosmos for an oh-so-girly photo shoot. I wore my favorite summer dress from Anthropologie which worked perfect with all the flora.

You must take a look at Colleen’s Photography here. It’s just amazing!

SW_090413Collen OBrien

{Colleen O’Brien Photography}

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Have I ever mentioned my deep love for this yellow pencil skirt? Probably not, because that is just vain information that the blog world doesn’t need to know, yet… now you do. Well surprise, the skirt is from Anthropologie and has buttons and ruffles. It was fate that brought us together (not the mere fact I was working at anthro at that time) and has been bliss ever since.

I reserve this skirt for days when I feel extremely classic and business-woman-like. You know, like listen to me because I have a lot of important things to say. About corgis and baking that is, with a dash of important on the side. tee hee.

SW_081913{KateyK Photography}


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High waisted violet denim shorts. I never thought I was that type of girl, but by golly I am. I shamefully bought these denim shorts for concert festivals this summer. My thought was to fit in with the trendy girls. WIN. I left my usual flow-ey girl-ey style in the dust with this summer ensemble. So what if my wedges are soft blue calico? I couldn’t say no.

SW_080813{KateyK photography}

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